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Apiwat Chitapanya
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59,61,63,65 Captain Bush Lane, Charoenkrung Rd., Bangrak, 10500 Bangkok, Thailand
+66 263909

What we do

At Masaya, we specialize in brass furniture, all handmade from sculpting, to brass casting and polishing. Our designs stem from the simplest things in our everyday lives that we may tend to look over and nature that surrounds us. We develop those objects into furniture that are practical yet, diverse and give a new perspective to which ever objet we were inspired from. The fluidity and harmonization of the design and the brass we specialize in, results in a unique and luxurious product that enhances every room or area the product is placed at. Since we hand make every piece, we are open for customization and bespoke products that clients may want or have to give everyone pieces that are more suited for their tastes and needs. 

The Process

First step is sculptor, the sculpture sculpt our desired design on wax. Sculptor has to know their crafts especially for pieces that require great details. Caster, molten wax are used to brush over the silicon for it to take the shape of the mould. These has to be the precise thickness, not to thin because we would not be able to work on the details and not too thick because it would be too heavy. Pouring of the brass. Our foundry has 2 heavy duty melting furnace, these furnaces need to be able to withdraw temperature up to 1000c in order to molten the brass and big enough for us to liquify 3-5 tons of brass per casting session. Before pouring the molten brass into the prepared casting we have to make sure that the wax, cement is completely dried or else it may explode. Another expertise needed for our foundry that is crucial in our production line is welding, we cast pieces in sections and each section would have to be welded together to make a piece. The welder needs know where to weld and have to weld it enough to make sure the piece is sturdy. 

The Ink Collection

The Ink Collection, designed by Apiwat Chitapanya for Masaya brand, a furniture brand that specializes in brass furniture using the process of lost wax casting. The Ink Collection was inspired by the Chinese calligraphy, and the flow of the ink on every brush strokes. The Chinese calligraphy has a long history which is a source of pride and pleasure for the Chinese people. The calligraphy flows in one continuous movement with emotions and feelings transcending through each brushstrokes that are developed over centuries making Chinese calligraphy a form of high level art. The ink Collection consists of dinning chair, stool and bench. The dinning chair was inspired by the richer, denser and well defined structure of the calligraphy, thus, giving poise to the chair. The tips of the legs are more streamline and pointed, mirroring the cursive scripts when the brushstrokes are more accelerated. The second part of the collection is the stool and bench, these two pieces were inspired by the continuous movement of the brush that creates a wholesome and delicate lettering. The ink collection is a collection that was inspired by the synchronization and harmonization, rhythm, movement and flow the of Chinese calligraphy that aims to give pleasure to the users both to visually and physically similarly to how the Chinese calligraphy offers pleasure and ease to its audience. 

DEmark Award Made in Thailand



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