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About us

Ango believe in creating outstanding lighting pieces with purity and truthfulness that can spread good energy through a space.

Having developed our own unique techniques of hand crafted production and by creating every light by hand, each and every piece is a kind of limited edition.  And in each design, the determination and patience and focus that each artisan has devoted to every piece is harnessed to create positive energy.

 "Architectonic handcrafted lighting by Ango presents the infinite possibility of modern pendant lights on any scale as art pieces or light installations.  Ango lighting and furniture designs are very largely created with natural or recycled materials; silk cocoon, rattan, mulberry tree bark, or handworked steel with 100% lead-free welds as in the jewellery series of lighting, every piece created ecologically and utilising minimal energy."

Creating light magic with unique pieces is what drives Ango, what we love and work for.

Every piece is unique in itself, and is hand crafted utilising the techniques that we’ve developed ourselves from the ground up for the fabrication of original and sophisticated lighting pieces.

Our signature products

1. Triple Orbit pendant light by Ango

Triple Orbit pendant lighting, a large scale light that presents infinite possibility, is a unique eco spectacular lighting piece alluding to infinity and a triple affinity. Created with three hand woven rattan interlocking organic light ring forms, the piece has multiple installation possibilities and also lends itself to being expanded or customised for a particular space, depending on the situation and characteristics.

Triple Orbit rattan ceiling lights are one of Ango signature handcrafted architectonic lighting pieces. Its form is one of a kind that can be called an art piece or lighting sculpture in a space.

2. Cloud pendant light by Ango

The Cloud design creates lightness and hope and this collection is offered in different sizes, especially so that multi cloud installations can be easily formed that will bring about beautiful multi diffusions of light. Cloud is created in free form by hand welding the connecting points of the structure, and in each piece the multiple nodes of light refraction are apparently suspended in space, with differing degrees of colour and complexity.

The Cloud modern chandelier collection is offered in different sizes and finishes (nickel silver, brass and copper), and was first seen as a special customisation within the Ango jewellery series of lighting with the installation in 2019 over the central section of the elegant Lakorn restaurant within the Rosewood Hotel, Bangkok.

3. Infinite Flow no.5 sculptural pendant light by Ango

Handcrafted sculptural pendant light "Infinite Flow no 5 by Ango" can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity.

In Infinite Flow no 5, the liquid lines of light of the piece are described in rattan material, whose translucence and light refraction generate a wonderful warmth for your interior.

Production of all pieces by Ango is centred on a hybrid of modern technology coupled with Thai hand crafted techniques, and this unique approach to design was highlighted in Future Paradise Exhibition within Bangkok Design Week in February 2022.

4. Paradise pendant light by Ango

For Paradise pendant lighting design, the miracle of each silk cocoon being formed by its creator is taken and exploited to the full by illuminating it with the miracle of electric light.

In Paradise, we build up a hand welded steel structure (each with approximately 2100 different joints) over a core base and this creates the underlying form of the design. Then around 2600 individual silk cocoons are attached to the base structure in a random composition. Each cocoon has an aura of ultra fine transparent silk fibre around it which subtly refracts and diffuses the light. Whatever space Paradise is installed in, has a dusting the magic vibe of natural creation taken and fabricated further into something else.

5. Chrysalis Sky copper floor light by Ango
Chrysalis Sky copper is formed of a random configuration of hand-selected silk cocoons with a copper plated base. Each cocoon has an aura of ultra fine transparent silk fibre around it which subtly refracts and diffuses the light beautifully, and each element is attached to a hand-soldered wire matrix, a totally unique Ango technique. Winner of Best Lighting & Accessories Design, ELLE Decoration, Thailand, Jan 2010.


DEmark Award Made in Thailand




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