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Akihiro Shudo
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208-2 Morinoki-cho Oike-dori Horikawa-iru Nakagyo-ku, 604-0053 Kyoto, Giappone
»That which creators have poured their hearts into being valued by user as well - that is where luxury begins.«

The connection between craftsmen and creators

Kyoto is a city that has a wide range of skilled craftsmen and top-class creators who develop a diverse array of materials and designs. Through their work, they bring to life the richness of human experience while also promoting sustainable values. As a result, Kyoto has become a hub of unique designs, techniques, and production sites that serve as valuable resources for the region.

Kyoto Amplitude Co., Ltd. is a trading company that specializes in leveraging these resources to create comfortable and refined products that bring new value to society.

Our mission

Each generation creates new values, and the world now wants to be more natural, more sustainable, with a better quality of life. Kyoto Amplitude Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to the global demand for a more natural, sustainable, and better quality of life by enhancing the "spiritual richness" value among individuals who share these values. The company achieves this by reinterpreting traditional culture through a contemporary lens and integrating the resulting rich values into today's lifestyle before showcasing them to the world.

The term "Amplitude" signifies the company's mission to expand and deepen the cultural and resource-related values of Kyoto. Kyoto Amplitude constantly refines and enhances the "Kyoto" values, offering them as a global trend.

Kyoto Amplitude is devoted to providing luxury products that embody the true essence of richness and sustainability. The company aims to bring together creators and consumers by promoting the importance of these values worldwide.

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