Mode Atelier Knize
Rudolf Niedersüß
Indirizzo directions
Graben 13, 1010 Wien, Austria
»Die unaus­weichliche Frage nach dem eigenen Stil beginnt mit der Überwindung der Mode.«

KNIZE makes history – since 1858

Kings and archdukes, artists and industrialists - they all have been going in and out at men’s outfitter and bespoke tailor KNIZE for more than 160 years, and almost every Viennese also knows the impressive premise at the elegant Viennese Graben: it was designed between 1910 and 1913 by Adolf Loos and renovated about 80 years later, it  by architect Paolo Piva 

The illustrious customers - it is said that the artist Oskar Kokoschka paid for his KNIZE suits with paintings - characterise the house as well as the owner Rudolf Niedersüß, who has been driving the company's fate for several decades now

He himself learned from KNIZE in the 1950s, then he was able to take over the equally important bespoke Viennese tailor company C.M.Frank before he also acquired KNIZE in 1978. He now has a total of more than 15 historical imperial decrees and still, his creations are surrounded by the aura of elegant nobility

On this level it is art

7.000 stitches by hand and 10 working days of Europe's best tailors are as well necessary as excellent fabrics to create a perfect man's suit: nowhere in the world there is paid so much attention and time to a suit as at Knize's.  

An open house

Guided tours through the workshop, tie-knotting courses, the KNIZE Salon or the KNIZE Golf Cup are opportunities to get in touch with KNIZE. 


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