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Josef Zauner
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Pfarrgasse 7, 4820 Bad Ischl, Austria
»We cherish our tradition, whereas we are constantly developing new recipes, to accommodate modern tastes.«

The now-legendary confectionery Zauner was established in 1832 by the Viennese wine merchant and pastry chef Johann Zauner. It has always been located right in the heart of Bad Ischl, in the Pfarrgasse, and is still a family-run business - now in 6th generation. The former purveyor to the Court of Austria-Hungary has been bestowed the Austrian coat of arms and caters to international royalty as well as to enthusiastic connoisseurs. In 1927 Viktor Zauner opened a branch, the Grand-Café Zauner, located Esplanade, which quickly became popular among artists, composers of Operetta, singers and writers.


The ZAUNERSTOLLEN was created "by accident" in 1905. The original creation was called "Nickerl-Batz", a macaroon made out of a nougat-, hazelnut- and chocolate-mixture with crumbled wafers, which could be recycled that way and sold as treats for children. These sweets became a huge success, not only among children, they sold literally "like hot cakes"! This prompted the pastry chef Josef Nickerl, who invented the Ischler Oblaten (wafers from Bad Ischl) and Viktor Zauner to improve the Batz and turn it into something a bit more sophisticated. They poured and pressed the mixture into a longish cake-tin, covered it with chocolate glaze and cut it in slices thick as a finger. That was it - the ZAUNERSTOLLEN was created! This unique delight soon started its triumphant march around the world and became the delicious symbol of Bad Ischl and the artistry of Austrian confectioners.


Batz, Austrian dialect for Batzen, meaning a soft lump


The entire range of Zauner products, about 200 different delicacies, is produced in-house, without addition of chemicals and preservatives. All their sweets - from Ischler Oblate to Zaunerkipfel, a crescent-shaped biscuit, from Kaisertorte, the "imperial" cake, to the legendary Zaunerstollen are truly natural products.

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